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Contract conditions

1. Introduction
Following general conditions include the contract with HD Immobiliare s.n.c. upon reservation.

2. Stipulating and concluding the contract and payment conditions
One can book both by telephone and through the web site You will receive a written confirmation by fax or e-mail. A down payment of 30% will be submitted within 5 days, the remaining 70% will be paid upon arrival. The contract is considered confirmed upon receipt of the down payment. In case of differences between the dates on the payment receipt and the dates on the web-site, with this first payment, the dates on the payment receipt will automatically be confirming. Any specific requests need to be confirmed in writing.

3. Services and prices
The prices listed are to be considered on a week base for the period indicated on the calendar. In high season, the minimum stay is 7 days, with arrival and departure on Saturday. In low season however, in most of the apartments, your stay can be shorter and there are no particular conditions to it. In case a stay covers 2 different seasons, the calculations will be made according to the number of days in each season. Electricity is included in the price (unless specified differently). Heating outside authorized periods however is not included. On the price list is marked whether the final cleaning is included or not. If not included, the charge is indicated on the price list. Furthermore, incomprehension can occur for the correct supply of gas, water and electricity. In this case and for meteorological conditions, HD Immobiliare s.n.c. cannot take any responsibility.

4. Modifications of prices and services
The descriptions of the apartments and their prices have been prepared with much attention; nevertheless they are subject to changes which will be communicated at the moment of reservation and confirmation. These changes might occur when the contract has been concluded already. If these changes involve important parts of the contract, you will have the possibility to request annulment, without any extra charges, within five days. In this way, you receive reimbursement of the payments.

5. Departure and arrival; shorter stays or extension of stay.
Arrival time is between 15:00 and 18:00 o'clock and departure time is before 10:00 o'clock. If you should not be able to respect this time schedule, you should contact our office in time and they will, upon their discretion, fix a new appointment. In case you cannot occupy the apartment from the first day of reservation or according to the time schedule due to difficulties during your trip, strikes or personal reasons, there will be no refund. The same rule counts for anticipated departures. To extend your stay, you can contact our office in time.

6. Annulment of the contract by the customer
You can cancel your reservation: until 43 days before departure, a cancellation fee of 10% on the quote of your stay will be charged; between 42 days and until 29 days before departure, a cancellation fee of 50% of the quote of your stay will be charged; between 28 days until 2 days before departure, a cancellation fee of 80% of the quote of your stay will be charged; a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged for cancellations on the day before departure.

7. Alternative solutions or annulment of the contract by società HD Immobiliare
HD Immobiliare reserves the right to replace the apartment with an apartment of the same value in case of serious unforeseen circumstances. In case of force majeure (wars, nature disasters, fire in the apartment, sale of the apartment by the owner). The company can annul the contract refunding the submitted payments.

8. Obligations of the tenant
Upon consignment of the keys, a deposit of at least Euro 200,- will be charged which can be paid cash. If this deposit is not paid, HD Immobiliare has the right not to consign the keys. The occupation of the apartment is limited to the number of persons mentioned in the contract. The representative of HD can refuse the entrance of persons who exceed the number of persons stipulated. The tenant promises to occupy the apartment with respect for neighbourliness. The cleaning of dishes and kitchen accessories is to be done by the customer as not included in the price of final cleaning. Upon departure, the deposit will be completely refunded on the condition that no damage is done to the apartment.

9. Complaints and requests of reimbursement
If upon arrival there should be differences according to what was reserved, we suggest to solve the problem by contacting immediately our office. Any complaints should arrive in our office within 4 weeks after the last day of your stay, otherwise you will lose the right to compensation.

10. Responsibilities of HD Immobiliare

Whenever the characteristics of the apartment are substantially different from what is stipulated in the contract in a way that you will not be able to have an adequate stay, the company commits itself to offer an alternative solution of the same quality. In case this should not be possible due to lack of availability or if you should refuse for valid reasons the alternative offered, the whole or a part of the rental price of your stay will be refunded. The company cannot be considered responsible in the following cases: a) negligent behaviour due to thirds, b) theft in the apartments.

11. Place of jurisdiction
For controversies depending on this contract, the place of jurisdiction is the Court of Justice of Verbania.



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